Example: Compound schema for XHTML with embedded RDF, SVG and MathML written in W3C XML Schema


RDF may occur only in the head section of the XHTML document and SVG and MathML only in some block or inline HTML elements within the document's body.

What needs to be done

  1. Download XHTML DTDs and convert them to W3C XML Schema

  2. Adjust the converted schema and create abstract definitions for head, inline and block context

  3. Download schemas for RDF, SVG and MathML

  4. In case those schemas are in a different schema language than W3C XML Schema, again we need to convert them first

  5. Schemas for each language needs to be adjusted to make them part of the parent XHTML schema

  6. Adjusted schemas need to be referenced from the head, inline and block abstract definitions within the XHTML schema