Jirka Kosek I'm Jirka Kosek and I'm interested in Web and XML technologies. I wrote many books and articles, I offer training and consultation services, I'm involved in standards development, I teach and develop open-source software, …

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PHP a XML book cover PHP a XML is book that completely covers area of XML processing in PHP programming language. Not only PHP XML features are discussed but basics of all important technologies like XPath, XSLT and XML schemas are described.

My other books has some signs of age on them already:


My classes were already attended by almost thousand people. My courses provide unique blend of practical experience and deep understanding of all XML technologies. I can teach your team everything starting from simple basics of XML, XSLT and XML schemas to newest features of recent XQuery and XPath versions.

All courses can be taught either in Czech or in English. I provide training world-wide.

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Your XML document does not fit memory, your transformations are slow, you don't know how to create XML schema for your data, how to generate report from XML, …
Do not wait and get in touch with me.

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I regularly teach XML and Web classes at University of Economics in Prague since 1997.


Together with few friends I organize amazing XML conference where you can meet all XML stars: